Cameron Jay was referred to me by a friend in Sydney when I was looking to buy a house in Mulgrave last year. He is an experienced professional who has excellent knowledge of the Melbourne market. A thorough professional, Cam helped us with shortlisting prospective houses that matched our requirements, arranged inspections, gave us his inputs to assist in decision making and also finally helped in negotiating extremely well for the house that we finally bought. My wife and me feel that bringing him on board to assist us was the best thing we could have done.

Cameron Jay – Outstanding Customer Service

We contacted Cameron and he came to our home that same day and explained what his role was, and what he could do to assist us in making the process run smoothly. When Cameron took over, we really felt like we were in good hands, and felt quite relieved he was going to guide us.

He took a brief from Debra and I about what was important to us to have in a new home and what would be great features to have, and what features could we live without. He then also asked us what things we did not want in a home. We talked about his fees and payment structure and then he explained his process in searching for our dream home. My wife and I had looked at about 35 properties in 2 weeks so he asked me to send them to him with notes on each property and score the properties so he could see how we ranked the different homes we had seen. My wife and I had researched the chosen areas prior to connecting with him and realised why it had become quite a challenging process for us.

Cameron has a relaxed nature and style in the way he conducts himself. We planned our Saturdays with Cameron to go to open inspections. He would do all the talking on our behalf, we would just say this is Cameron our Buyer Advocate and leave him to it. It was great. We would then share what we liked and what we did not like and if we wanted to consider or leave the property.
It was peace of mind having him available. With in two weeks of knowing Cameron we had narrowed our choice of homes down to two properties and we left him to do the negotiating.

Late in the afternoon on the Saturday Cameron arrived at our home about 5pm unexpectantly.
He came with wonderful news! Our offer had been accepted.
Cameron pulled out of his jacket a bottle of Moet and said, “Congratulations Dave and Deb you guys purchased a home today”.
It was that easy. Thank you so much Cameron. We spent less than what we would have offered, so he saved us a lot of money, he saved us more than his cost.

I would highly recommend Cameron if you are in the market to buy a new home. He will be right beside you for the journey. He takes phone calls at any time, no question is too small. He really supports you through the journey.

Cameron is a true professional in the industry, he observes the other buyers and talks to the real estate agent while you look through the property. His knowledge of the industry instantly makes you feel like you are with someone that really understands the industry and will make you aware of any concerns or challenges as they arise.

When you are dealing with someone of this level of expertise that can explain things to you in simple terms, and you trust them, and their guidance, then you feel a level of confidence to proceed with the purchase of your new home. We made a purchase within two weeks. He then arranges for the building and pest control inspection and then when that report is returned, he walks you through the document and explains what is major and what is okay and of a minor issue. My wife Debra and I can’t thank Cameron enough for his patience, his support, his undivided attention to make sure that we were okay at all times, and of course his professionalism.

Cameron is a great communicator; he keeps in contact and checks in to see how you are doing.
He was recommended to us at the right time and for the right reason as he is and Agent himself, he could talk the talk, he protected us from all the jargon.
Cameron is reliable, sincere, courteous, and very professional in his conduct. If you are considering buying a property and you need a Buyer Advocate to assist you then you only have one choice, the only person you need to get a quote from is Cameron from Invest Wise Property, he will do the job well and will ensure that you are satisfied with the result. We are very happy customers and will be sharing our brilliant experience with others who need guidance in the property market.


David and Debra Smith
June 19th, 2023

Cameron is fantastic to work with and cannot recommend him highly enough. He explains the process clearly, really listens to what you are looking to achieve and gets to work on finding the right fit for your needs, and he doesn’t try to bamboozle you with BS. Can’t wait to work with him again.

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